Ultimate Nando’s Noise

I’d been involved in the campaign previously in the creation of banners to promote a “what’s your Nando’s noise” micro-site. My take on this was to create an interactive audio banner whereby you could mix together four different noise tracks to create your own music – like a very simple beat box. This was picked up by DoubleClick to go onto their wall of fame as an innovative use of the medium.

The Ultimate Nando’s Noise campaign came to me when the agency were in a slightly strained position with the client. It was obvious that the next stage of the campaign needed to go off without a hitch and to reach the target market of 16-18 year-olds.

I took on the Nando’s Noise site in order to turn it into a competition to find “The Ultimate Nando’s Noise”. We already had a couple of hundred uploaded noise videos by users in the first stage of the campaign, and the solution had to be simple, fool-proof and cheap. I devised a competition whereby users posted their videos to YouTube. We were then able to find these videos via a tag we defined in order to incorporate them into a customised channel.

The second phase involved the public voting on the 3 finalists. I mapped out all the potential journeys for this stage too, guiding users from the radio, print or online banners through to casting a vote and sharing via other social streams to encourage more participation. The site attracted 26,000 visitors and 11,000 votes in the 2 months we ran the competition for. Due to careful planning and maintenance, I was also able to spot and eliminate duplicate votes where one of the entrants had been trying to cheat, posting 200 votes over a half an hour period at one stage.