HSBC Index Tracker: Dexter the Dog Game

HSBC wanted to do something a bit different for their Index Tracking products. Knowing that the target audience of Asset Managers are an inherently competitive bunch gave the opportunity for me to create several game concepts, from which HSBC picked a side-scrolling jumping game.

They already had a character in the form of Dexter, the Index Tracking bloodhound, which had been created by another agency. I created all aspects of the game that didn’t involve renders of Dexter, including modelling of pick-ups and cityscapes, in Autodesk’s Maya and Photoshop. The game was built in Flash using AS3, with a PHP/Codeigniter backend to enable scores to be posted to a database.

As the client was HSBC, prior to going live the game was subjected to someĀ rigorous penetration testing and accessibility guidelines – all successfully implemented and passed.

The original game is hosted at, but a copy can be found atĀ


Ticketlab is a personal project I’ve been working on over the past year. Originally designed to sell tickets for the Get it Loud in Libraries gigs, it has evolved into a fully-featured ticketing website for small events and venues.

Site features:

  • Responsive layout
  • Codeigniter/PHP build
  • Paypal payments
  • E-tickets
  • QR code generation
  • iframe support for 3rd parties to sell tickets on their sites
  • Custom themes for individual events

Invisible Brand

A site created for Tangible, the Invisible Brand site collects issues of the eponymous periodical. The publication itself concerned itself with financial services thought pieces, and the site was able to expand upon this with guest articles, related downloads and links.

My first Codeigniter project, the site includes:

  • Custom CMS
  • Comments & moderation
  • Email alerts and subscriptions to updates


Spressif was a 6 month project and experiment in creating a social network based around the theme of story-telling. My role was to develop the site architecture and user journeys before coding up the HTML/CSS around designs supplied to me.

I then developed the back end using the Codeigniter PHP framework.

Key features include:

  • publishing stories
  • commenting and rating system
  • sharing functionality
  • monthly contests

The site is currently dormant, needing further CRM modules developed before it can fully support itself.