Entrago aims to be one of the first true cross-overs between television and social media, recruiting celebrities and brands to manage their own channels and allowing them to broadcast to and converse with their audience directly.

I was brought on as part of a front end development team to rebuild the site with separate builds for desktop and mobile/tablet. I developed most of the javascript-based functionality including the main content carousel,  auto-loading of content when the suer reaches the bottom and enabling advertising on the sites.


Ticketlab is a personal project I’ve been working on over the past year. Originally designed to sell tickets for the Get it Loud in Libraries gigs, it has evolved into a fully-featured ticketing website for small events and venues.

Site features:

  • Responsive layout
  • Codeigniter/PHP build
  • Paypal payments
  • E-tickets
  • QR code generation
  • iframe support for 3rd parties to sell tickets on their sites
  • Custom themes for individual events

Croydon Best Bar None

I’ve been running the website for Croydon Best Bar None since the scheme’s inception in 2002. Last year was the 10th anniversary, for which I was allowed to redesign and rebuild the site. HTML5 magic with a responsive layout loosely based on the Less Framework.

Grosvenor Casinos

Working at Rank Interactive, my main responsibility was initially Grosvenor Casinos. Over 9 months I brought the entire site up to be HTML5 compliant, redesigned and restyled sections of the site that hadn’t been touched in about 4 years (which was actually about 80% of the site!), optimised the homepage to take load times down from approx. 5 seconds to around 1 second and created custom Jquery plugins to manage games search functionality and recently played games.

Friends Reunited

I worked with Friends Reunited at the peak of their powers, shortly after a massive buy-out from ITV. I was picked up almost out of the blue from having worked on a few tabled micro-sites on the strength of my Photoshop skills and print design portfolio.

I was responsible for the first homepage redesign in about 2 years. The old homepage was cluttered, and fought for attention from everywhere you looked. I simplified the registration process into three easy steps, and brought the key navigation up front: Login or Register. We ran 3 versions of the homepage over a two week period to see which performed best, the winner making it as the final homepage for the next couple of years. As a result of this exercise, conversions to registration from the homepage increased by over 40%.

Get it Loud in Libraries

Another Drupal website, Get it Loud in Libraries is a charity that puts live music on in libraries. I designed, built and have maintained the Get it Loud site on a voluntary basis for the past couple of years. Tickets to shows are sold through my own Ticketlab platform.

The site’s key functionality includes:

  • bookings feed
  • news feed
  • Twitter broadcast
  • ticket sales
  • gallery
  • competitions

Royal Liver Group online community

The Royal Liver Group approached Tangible to help solve a problem about how they communicate.

Royal Liver were in a reasonably unique position due to the way they were set up.Their organisation made decisions based on the votes of delegates. These delegates are elected from around the country and only see each other once a year at an AGM. We proposed that they use an online community to enable the delegates to discuss the current issues in a closed and private environment.

I built the community in Drupal, having re-skinned a suitable template using CSS. I identified necessary functionality based on the client’s requirements and installed and customised the relevant modules.

The delegate site was so successful that a second version for the company’s employee’s was commissioned. In 2010 Royal Liver were bought out by Royal London and have recently asked to have the site updated and re-purposed to be used within the new company structure.

Invisible Brand

A site created for Tangible, the Invisible Brand site collects issues of the eponymous periodical. The publication itself concerned itself with financial services thought pieces, and the site was able to expand upon this with guest articles, related downloads and links.

My first Codeigniter project, the site includes:

  • Custom CMS
  • Comments & moderation
  • Email alerts and subscriptions to updates


Spressif was a 6 month project and experiment in creating a social network based around the theme of story-telling. My role was to develop the site architecture and user journeys before coding up the HTML/CSS around designs supplied to me.

I then developed the back end using the Codeigniter PHP framework.

Key features include:

  • publishing stories
  • commenting and rating system
  • sharing functionality
  • monthly contests

The site is currently dormant, needing further CRM modules developed before it can fully support itself.